Bombay Chicken salad

Friends from work introduced me to Saladworks on Hunter street in the Sydney CBD. It was quite confusing if you didn’t know the drill. You select your salad leaves (med or large), they have english spinach, iceberg, mixed etc. You then take this to the counter and either order from their suggested salad selections or make up your own.

I opted for one of the recommended salads (selecting the salad leaves was daunting enough let along having to select ingredients to build my own) – a Bombay chicken salad. Their website is no longer working but from memory it had bombay chicken, chick peas, raisins, corn kernels, crunchy noodle things and eggplant.

It was really yummy so I tried to recreate it at home. This is the result:

We got some chicken breasts, sliced them up and marinated it in some Pataks jar marinade (I think it’s Chicken Tikka). The chicken was then barbequed and tossed with mixed leaves, corn, danish fetta, chickpeas and raisins. It was not the same without the crispy noodle thingies but still pretty yummy for a mid-week dinner.

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