Masala Dosa for brekky

On a recent trip to Bangalore, India for work, I had a special dish called masala dosa for breakfast. I’ve only ever had it as an appetiser in indian restaurants in Sydney. I didn’t know it was a breakfast dish. I found it wasn’t served as part of the hotel buffet as it has to be made fresh. You can however order it for breakfast which is what I did.

Dosa is like a very thin crispy crepe made from a batter of finely ground rice and urad bean blended with water.

A masala dosa is a normal dosa stuffed with lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices.

It is served with various accompaniments such as chutneys and sambar – a pea and vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind and dal.

The masala dosa I had above is served with sambar (in the bowl) and some wet chutneys (coriander and tomato).

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