Hurry to Hurricane’s

My friend from work swears by Hurricane’s at Bondi for ribs. I’ve been meaning to go but somehow never seem to make it out to Bondi. How happy was I when walking from home one day I noticed that there was a Hurricane’s being built at Darling Harbour! So after many months of walking past to and from work, the day finally came when they opened. Walking home one day my mouth was salivating from the smell of grilling BBQ meat. I had to try it.

I made a dinner booking and hubby and I strolled over from our place to Darling Harbour. They were very busy and we had to wait at the bar for about 15 minutes before our table was ready. We’ve been a few times since and we’ve always had to wait for a table – certainly is good for the bar trade.

The interior is very dark and could do with more lighting. On a busy night a large party can be made to share a small table. However the service is excellent, very attentive and friendly. They have a good range of wines and a lot of other dishes on offer besides the ribs. But we were here for one thing and one thing alone, RIBS!

Hubby ordered a serve of the steak and ribs – Short Cut Sirloin 200gms and a half rack of LAMB or PORK ribs, we opted for Pork, for $38.00
Short Cut Sirloin 200gms and a half rack of LAMB or PORK ribs $ 38.00

I opted for the full rack of pork ribs – $32.

The ribs were beautifully succulent and tender. The meat was easily falling off the bone. The sirloin wasn’t that fantastic. It was ordered rare and I found it a bit chewy. But hubby seemed happy enough with it. I also got a side of mushroom sauce and a side of monkey gland sauce – Hurricane’s BBQ sauce. I couldn’t decide which was better. The mushroom sauce was nice and creamy with a hint of garlic. The monkey gland sauce had a nice sweet tang.

One serve of ribs is definitely too much for one person. Would I go again – definitely and have done so. Just remember to skip lunch if you go for the full rack!

Shops 433 -436, Level 2, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Tel: +61 (02) 9211 2210
LUNCH 12pm till 3pm
DINNER 5.30pm till late – 7 days a week
Fully licensed

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