Passatelli with Prawns

Our favourite Italian restaurant in Pyrmont is Libiamo.

We’ve had amazing dinners there such as Wild Boar Pappardelle and Passatelli with Prawns.

Passatelli is a pasta made with breadcrumbs, parmesan and egg. It is formed in a dough and pushed through a passatelli machine (we used a potato ricer). The result is noodles of pasta coming out of the ricer and you cut lengths and poach it in some water (like gnocchi).

It is such an unusual texture and flavour and it’s Dr. Scorpio’s favourite. We did manage to recreate the dish at home but alas I didn’t take down the recipe 😦

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  1. Marisa G says:

    Passatelli is much better cooked in a chicken broth and eaten like a soup. I use my grandmother’s recipe from Pesaro (Marche, Italy)

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