Cake #3 – Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake

The list now moves to the cakes which are going to require a little more work, the first of which is the Three Milk cake.

The cake itself is fairly straight-forward to make, basically just a egg yolk and sugar mixture with milk, flour then with lighted up with folded in egg whites.

Once baked, the cake is cooled then soaked in almost 1 litre of milk mixture (condensed, evaporated and cream). This suggested timeframe to do this is about an hour, but it took over 2 in order for the cake I had made to soak up all the liquid. This may be improved by slightly longer baking (I had baked my cake between the recommended 45-50 minutes) and had also had it in a 23cm round springform instead of the recommended 23cm square. This could make some difference both to depth of the cake, cooking time required and the end “dryness” of the cake.

Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake
Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake

Once the cake had soaked up most of the liquid, the next step was the making of the meringue frosting. There was a decent amount of meringue (possibly due to the difference in the cake size), so I was able to add some flair to the frosting and touch it up with the brulee torch.

The cake was left in the fridge for at least three hours and this resulted in the meringue firming up. The frosting was still soft though and particularly the following day, after being left in the fridge overnight the meringue did suffer from some sweating. This may also been execerbated by the amount of liquid the cake itself was holding.

As for the eating, the cake was very tasty, particularly with the 1 litre of rum infused milk the cake was holding. The meringue was quite sweet, but overall the flavour of the cake was quite balanced.

Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake
Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake

The picture does show the degree of soaking that the cake was subjected to. For those that don’t like soggy cakes, this is not one for you, but this cake did gets lots of rave reviews from work colleagues of both Allerina and me.

Was the recipe easy to follow? – Yes
Did it look like the cake pictured? – Yes
Would we make it again? – Yes. Next time, I’ll make it in the square cake tin. This will make both better to decorate and easier to cut.

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