Crust Deep Dish Pizza – Deep disappointment

Ordering food for work one night during a software release, I came across the new Crust Deep Dish Pizza. I was so excited because I have always wanted to try a Chicago deep dish pizza ever since I came across a picture of one on the great interweb – I mean look at that cheese! Nom Nom!

However from the pictures on the Crust website, I was dubious because there was definitely a lack of cheese and saucy goodness. The Crust website promised an authentic deep dish pizza experience:

This October, Crust is proud to bring a deep new addition to its menu, launching an authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza straight out of the Windy City and into Crust stores across the country to give customers a true deep pizza experience.

However, so desperate was I to try this style of pizza that despite my better judgement, I relented.

Well what can I say… deeply deeply disappointed. I felt robbed. There was no pizza wall. There was no cheese and worse of all, absolutely no saucy goodness.

Here are some shots of our pizza:

Crust Deep Dish

Crust Deep Dish

I even started to look around for the sauce – but alas there really was none:
Crust Deep Dish

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