Cake #5 – Concorde Gateaux

It’s been 8 months since my last cake, mainly due to overseas work commitments and other things, but I’ve decided to get back onto the Bakers Dozen list and get the remaining cakes completed.

The Concorde Gateaux is #5 on the list and on paper looks to be one of the more difficult cakes as it requires a fair amount of preparation and assembly requirements.

I started on it yesterday, making the chocolate sponge cake and then the meringue pipes used to decorate. The cake itself isn’t too difficult to make, but the assembly does require some extra care.

I purchased a cake leveller from Essential Ingredient, which considering the price, I expected to work well. I was annoyed when using it, I found the blade biting in and not maintaining the level resulting in it starting to cut down on one side. I resorted to using it as a guide around the edge and then taking a bread knife to cut through the centre. I will be returning the leveller for a refund.

The basic assembly of the cake is horizontally slicing the sponge into three pieces, ganache between the layers and then frosted around the sides and top with ganache and decorated with the chocolate meringue pipes.

The recipe recommended refrigerating the cake for 1 hour, but I found that this made the ganache too hard and it could easily be served at room temperature.

As for taste, the cake is intensely rich, it uses 500g of chocolate in the ganache alone. It does mean that a small slice is more than enough, but it is rich. Great for a special occasion though.

Was the recipe easy to follow? – Yes
Did it look like the cake pictured? – Yes
Would we make it again? – Maybe. I’d definitely look to enhance the recipe a little. Some alcohol in the ganache would help to keep the ganache consistency, the sponge was also a little dry, so a little more moisture there would help.

Next cake is the Almond Lemon Cake. I promise to not take 8 months to make it.

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  1. Burger says:

    Good info! Thanks for sharing with us on your blog.

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