Jamon Iberico for breakfast

Dr Scorpio and I took our time in lieu from this weekend, giving us a 3 day long weekend after the 5 day easter break. The weather has been unpredictable which makes it hard to plan some activities. Given the rainy weather, we took the opportunity to drive to some places I had on the list to visit.

We are always on the lookout for a new breakfast place to try out. I came across a post on El Marcado from The Empty Fridge food blog. I filed it away in my Delicious bookmarks as a place to visit when Dr Scorpio came back from his 2 month working trip to the UK. The lure of chorizo and jamon iberico for breakfast was just too good to pass up.

So on a rainy Saturday morning, we drove out to Mortlake. I mistook it for Mortdale and was quite confused when we made our way on the Anzac Bridge as opposed to taking the cross city tunnel south. If I had known it was so close, I would have suggested it sooner for a possible destination on one of our weekend push bike rides.

Anyway, on to the food and goodies. Dr Scorpio had the chorizo and egg rolls. The chorizo was nice and flavoursome.

Chorizo and egg roll
Chorizo and egg roll

I had the Jamon Iberico sandwich. “For breakfast?” I hear you ask… oh yeah.  I think it was $10.95. It might be expensive but it was well worth it. The jamon just melts in your mouth. Again Dr Scorpio enjoyed a good 10 min of silence while I munched on my breakfast.

Jamon Iberico sandwich with cheese
Jamon Iberico sandwich with cheese

I also indulged in the Spanish hot chocolate. It instantly transported me back to Barcelona *sigh*.

Spanish hot chocolate
Spanish hot chocolate

We also got some goodies to take home – Tortas de Aceite, a Spanish oil cake dessert from Seville, Paella seasoning, Squid ink and some hot chocolate bars.
Goodies from El Marcado

Hot Chocolate bars
Drinking chocolate

Dr Scorpio made some hot chocolate at home with the chocolate we bought. It was just the thing on this cold dreary Monday.
Spanish Hot Chocolate

El Marcado
72 Tennyson Road
Mortlake NSW 2137
Phone: 8757 3700

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  1. Ben says:

    Tortas de Aceite are awesome (they go great with almonds unless you prefer them salty), didn’t hear of them until I was in Spain but went days on eating nothing but them when I did..

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