Gordon’s Beef Wellington

I’ve been wanting to make this dish for the longest time and it pains me to say I don’t think it turned out that well.

The recipe is from Gordon Ramsay and I came across it on YouTube. I then did a search for the recipe to get the ingredients and measurements – link here.

I found the dish quite salty with the addition of the parma ham. He also salts the pastry after putting on the egg wash and I don’t think this is needed – it was way too salty.

I did cook it too long which is entirely my fault and nothing to do with the recipe. The other thing I didn’t like about it is that the mushrooms sound like a good idea but when you are actually eating the dish, I found that it was dry and there were mushroom crumbs everywhere.

I’d like to try this dish with the traditional use of pate and crepes vs the mushroom and parma ham in this version.

Beef Wellington.jpg

Lay the parma ham on Glad wrap (cling film), then the mushrooms that have been pan fried (to get rid of the excess moisture), then the fillet that has been seasoned, seared then brushed with mustard.

Wrap it up in a log (best to watch the video on youtube for technique). This gets chilled in the fridge.

Then wrap the log with puff pastry and chill again.

Take the wellington out of the fridge, brush with egg yolk, score and salt the top before baking. I made an error when I scored it lengthwise, I should have scored it with the back of the knife, instead it cut through the pastry. Tsk Tsk.

Out of the oven, nice and crispy.

Plated up with potato gratin and french beans.


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